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Ij.Start Canon - Download Canon Printer Drivers

ij.start canon provides Ij Start Canon printer setup download link. Ij Start Canon software is initially available at https //ij.start.canon online portal with all the latest canon printer drivers. You may use canon printer CD to set up your device or use online Canon printer drivers downloads. Though installation CD-ROM may not provide you updated printer features, it is well suited to go through ij.start.canon and get the software manually. To avoid errors during the Canon ij setup installation, follow the instructions shown on this page.

Here’s how to take the first step to Download Canon Printer Drivers –

Download and install canon printer drivers and software with the below steps, make sure your device is connected to an active internet high-speed internet:-

1. Start Canon printer drivers downloads process by visiting ij.start.canon. Or you can insert a CD-ROM into your computer.
2. If you wish to get the Ij Start Canon printer setup online, click on “Set Up (Start Here)” after jumping to ij.start.cannon page.
3. In the next step, you have two options, either enter the Canon printer model directly on the shown box or select the first letters of your printer. Then, click “Go”.
4. Tap Start and select the region where you bought the Canon ij printer. 5. Ij start canon will show you a list of the operating system on top of the page, choose accordingly, i.e., Windows or Mac.
6. Now if you can see a Download option, then click on “Download” to start downloading the latest Canon printer drivers.
7. Once Canon printer drivers downloads get completed via ij.startCanon, double-click to begin the installation.
8. Thereafter, accept software license terms and follow on-screen instructions.

Move Ahead to the second step and Set Up Canon Printer

These instructions for setting up your Canon inkjet printer are divided into two parts where you can follow the wireless setup method or use the USB cable.

Set up your Canon ij printer wirelessly –
• We will show you easier wireless connect method for the Canon printer that’s WPS Push button.
• So, to start the Canon printer setup wirelessly, place a wireless router nearby your printer and turn both devices on (printer and router).
• Make sure you already have Ij Start Canon printer setup on your PC, if not, then visit ij.start.canon website and download software.
• Now, press “Setup” on your printer and open device Settings, LAN settings, and select wireless LAN setup.
• Press WPS button on your router and release it after 5 seconds, and press OK.
• Again, press and hold the WPS button on the access point for 5 seconds and press OK.
• The canon ij printer screen will show “Connected” status, and blue Wi-Fi lamp flashes are stable now.
• Now the canon printer is connected to a wireless network, therefore start the printer software installation on your computer or laptop.
• Run the Canon ij setup software and accept the license agreement.
• Also, select the connection type, Wireless connection, and follow displayed prompts to complete the installation.

Setting up Canon inkjet printer via USB cable –
• If you fail with Canon printer wireless setup, you can use the USB cable to set up Canon printer.
• Hence, make sure you already have a USB cable or purchase one from an online store.
• Then, download and install Canon printer software from http //ij.start.canon or canon.com/ijsetup.
• During the installation, once prompt, choose USB connection method and follow installation instructions.
• The canon printer window will prompt to connect a wired USB, so take the cable and try connecting its one side to printer’s rear.
• Connect another side of the USB cable to PC port. It will prompt notification of a successful connection.
• You’re done here with ij.start canon setup.

Once you install and Set up your Canon inkjet printer with either Wireless or USB, you will see a Test Print screen. Then, choose a document to print and press Ctrl P to start printing from Canon.

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